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Who wants to be a gift card winner entry form

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Live dates and times



8:00 pm GMT

8.00pm GMT


Terms and conditions
Who wants to be a gift card winner is run solely by Opie's Beard Co. and ask for no money in return for being on the show. The show requires all it's participants to appear live on screen with audio on at all times to ensure there is not any cheating.

Players cannot seek advice or play along with anyone in the same room, players are not permitted to use outside help such as search engines, books, amazon alexa or anything else to find out the answers.

Swearing is not permitted during the show, Players will recieve one warning but further use of profanites may be kicked from the show and lose all or any winning upto that point.

Players found guilty or expected of gaining an unfair advantage or cheating will be kicked from the show and will forfeit all or any winners.

We do not ask for any money to be on the show which means the show is not gambling as you are only playing with the shows money.

Players must have an active facebook account and be a part of the Opie's Beard Co facebook group "The Bearded Clubhouse"

Unfortunately we are unable to play the game in different languages, So players will need to be able to speak, read and understand English. 

Players that are chosen to appear on the show must join the live video at the agreed time and stay for the entire of there game, Any player that pulls out at short notice or during the show will not be invited back.

All winnings will be sent as Opie's Beard Co. E-Gift Cards with an experation date of 6 months. Cards cannot be exchanged for it's monetary value or split into smaller amounts.

Opie's Beard Co. decide on any question or computer issues such as a crash mid game or a out of date/errored question.

Players are given 60 seconds between each question and no more, Questions may not be swapped or contested in any way during the game.

The tiered winning system will be explained before the game, however when in game the winnings will appear in $ denomination, this plays no part in the game and is not the value on offer.

By ticking and agreeing to the terms set this is a written binding contract to say you have fully read and agreed to the terms set above.
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