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Opie's Beard Co Beard & Moustache Championships 2022 Beer soap

This 100% natural beer soap is made using Loddon Brewery's Exclusive Opie's Beard Co Beard & Moustache Championship event beer and saponified with Avocado, Coconut, Castor and olive oil as well as Shea Butter to create an amazing soap that lathers up really well and can be used on the body and hair. This beer soap is scented with Patchouli and Lavender which is simply sensational.


Why is beer soap good for the skin?

The skin benefits of beer soap come from the ingredients in the beer. Beer has four primary ingredients: water, grain (barley malt), hops, and yeast. 

Hops are responsible for several of the benefits of beer soap. Hops contain amino acids, which help moisturize and soften skin, and the polyphenols in hops are thought to help combat skin redness and irritation. 

Other benefits of beer soap come from the brewer’s yeast. When used in the beer, brewer’s yeast extracts the sugars from the grain and turns it into alcohol and CO2. However, when present in beer soap, brewer’s yeast performs differently. Instead of converting sugar to alcohol, it acts as an antibacterial, which can help combat acne and helps gently yet effectively cleanse the skin. 

The vitamins in beer are also responsible for the benefits of beer soap. Beer typically contains a healthy serving of Vitamin B, which helps moisturize the skin, is an antioxidant, and is easily absorbed by the skin. 



As part of our event merchandise all profits made from this product will be added to the fundraiser and donated to our chosen charity Daisy's Dream Charity Registered in England & Wales No. 1177145

OBMC Beer Soap 120g

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