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President of Opie's Beard Co. Jamie had grown almost every style of beard imaginable except one. He never had the courage to grow a full beard due to a lack of confidence caused by patchiness in certain areas, until a bearded outlaw appeared on his T.V screen. This inspired Jamie to grow a full beard and with that inspiration Opie's Beard Co. was born.

At Opie's Beard Co. Clubhouse, founder Jamie Cox set out to create a range of products to help the bearded brotherhood grow and nurture their beards.  It all began with a simple idea to make his own beard oils using natural ingredients and scents. Jamie began sharing his creations with friends who kept coming back for more.  Nurturing a beard can be an art, maintaining healthy skin and hair is imperative to a beards success story. 

'Grow it, Fuel it, Style it'

We strive to provide the bearded brotherhood with products to help aid the condition of the beard and care for the skin, whilst also giving off great scents.  We at Opie's care about each and every beardsman and their beards, whether your beard is long, short, thick or bushy we wanted to create products that you can trust to help fuel and style your beards.  In order to achieve this, all our products contain mostly natural ingredients and have been tested and have approved Cosmetic Product Safety Reports.

We Value Your Feedback

You are our inspiration and we would love to hear from you in regards to whether you are enjoying our products, even if you have things you think we can improve on, let us know.....

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Opie's Beard Co.

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Founder, Creator, Product Manufacturer and Proud Beardsmen.


Heading 1

LA (Unbearded Blip)

Marketing, Customer Relations, Proof reader, Beard Admirer.


Dane Hankin

Admin of one of the biggest beard groups on Facebook (Men with beards) and renowned by the beard community. We were extremely pleased to have Dane on the team.  


Martyn Finnegan

Known as "The Captain" Martyn is a hugely popular part of beard community and can often be found at beard events 

Blake Meyer

Blake is literally the nicest guy you'll ever have the fortune of meeting. He is well known and respected around the beard community and does some truly amazing things for charity including being Santa Blake to raise money for various good causes. 

James (The Red Fox)

Brand Ambassador, PR Rep, Sales Executive with links to Astral Photographics. 


Matt Wall

Matt is known around the beard community for the phrase "Who's Matt Wall". Matt has competed as a freestyle beards man all over the world. He is an absolute gentleman and we are honoured to have him as part of the Opie's Familia. 

Ryan "Ginge" Pearsall

Ryan has been heavily involved helping charities in Peterborough, he has been a lover of Opie's  for a long time. he's also a really nice guy and family man making him the perfect fit for our familia.


Ed Ford

Ed was one of our very first ambassadors and has been a loyal member of the Opie's Familia ever since. He's got links to various music platforms.


Joseph Mitchell

Joe is one of our Instagram ambassadors. Joe is an aspiring strongman and regularly posts his feats of strength on his Instagram page 

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