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Our charity promotion for CALM

Our recent CALM promotion ran from 13th May - 19th May.

So for mental health awareness week this year we decided we wanted to try and do something to raise money and awareness for the charity CALM.

We joined forces with five influential beard community groups on Facebook; Home of the Beardo's, Men with Beards, Guardians of the beard, Private beards and Valhalla BC.

We ran two promotions for the week. the first being an e-raffle selling tickets for £2 per entry for a chance to win one of three great prizes worth well over £100 and with all the money raised going to charity.

Our e-raffle ticket design

Our second promotion was 10% using the Calm promo code with 30% of all profits made going to charity.

We also gave free Opie's Beard Co. supporting CALM stickers with every order

Unfortunately we had a fairly quiet sales week which we put down to a number of things going on in the beard community the same week and also due to me being away the week before I was not able to do as much promotional work as I would have liked.

So the decision was made to change to second promotion to a buy one get one free but to still give 30% of profits to the charity calm, The buy one get one free offer ran from Friday through to Sunday.

We learned a lot from this promotion in terms of looking at what we could have done differently to raise more for the charity, We hugely appreciate the support of the wonderful beard community for getting involved especially after being told by a few groups that they didn't want to be involved in raising money for charity.

The final figure raised for CALM was £311

However we decided to donate £20 on behalf of all five beard groups that helped us to promote the event.

This took the total to £411 so we added a further £9 to get the total to £420 and the reason we did this was because after visiting I came across what the money raised means to them and how it's spent.

The £420 raised would keep two phone lines open for an entire evening (That's 14 hours) and it would also keep the website running for an entire day.

Although we were disappointed in the final total we were extremely proud to see what the money we raised was going towards.

Final total raised for CALM

We just wanted so say a huge Thank you to everyone who got involved from the beard groups helping support us to everyone who brought a e-raffle ticket or even liked or shared any of our awareness posts.

We would like to make this a yearly event depending on the support we can get.

If you or a friend are struggling with any mental health issues please dont hesitate to call Calm or visit theCALMZONE.NET website.

Take care of each other and remember sometimes it's a easy as just listening to what someone has to say.

Thanks for reading



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