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Grooming Products

Our grooming products are of the highest quality and will help you with your beard maintenance.  

Why use beard trimming scissors?

Our scissors are made from ice tempered stainless steel. Ice tempered scissors are the best type of scissors to cut with. Some sceptics do not believe that ice tempering steel produces a better blade but we strongly disagree. The best scissors are always ice tempered to ensure that the blade stays sharp for the longer and given the fact that beard hair is generally more course than head hair this is an important feature.

Our scissors are also made from German steel which is considered one of the hardest and durable steels on earth.

Are scissors also feature a finger tang for extra control while cutting.

Why use a beard Apron?

  • No more stray hairs clogging up the sink.

  • A comfy bib to catch all of your fallen facial hair cuttings.

  • Attaches to the mirror to create a large safety net

  • Easy to store away.

  • Can be used if you cut your head hair too.

  • Prevents conflict with your house mates or partner about hygiene and tidiness.

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