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When it comes to combs, we seldom give any attention to detail and use whatever is in sight, in most cases, a plastic one. Yes, they're cheaper and easily available. However, don’t you think you need something better for your beloved beard, something more than, “any other comb”-how about a premium quality Wide Toothed Peach Wood comb? Peach Wood combs have plenty of benefits and advantages over plastic combs.

1.    The natural wooden bristles condition the hair and evenly distribute it’s natural oils.

2.    The wooden bristles are gentle and more durable, than their plastic counterparts, reducing the chance of hair breakage, when combing.

3.    Unlike synthetic brushes and combs, Peach Wood bristles don’t produce any static electricity.

4.    In comparison to using other combs with wet hair, Wide Toothed Peach Wood combs tends to glide easily through the tangles, without causing hair fall and damage.

5. The ends of the brush are rounded which allows the comb to glide over the skin without fear of skin irritation. 

These combs are 100% biodegradable and are environmentally friendly



Wide Toothed Peach Wood Beard Comb

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